The socket game server written entirely in php.


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As of 07-21-2015,
Gamedaemon will:
  • Allow users to chat
  • Allow private messages
  • Create/join games
  • start games
  • roll dice, track positions, turns, etc.
  • purchase property, determine money, etc:
  • Auctions, houses, trades, everything.
  • It is now fully functional!
  • Client API in place
  • PHP-GTK client complete!
TODO items:
  • Find/fix any remaining bugs
  • Username/password support and user rating system
  • Begin "BOT"

Right now we have a PHP_GTK based client. It is not the prettiest interface ever, but it does work and it shows what's going on in the game graphically.

Usage is straightforward. The properties are selectable so you can click a property, then click mortgage, add house, info, etc. If you need to run a command that's not listed, in the chat area start the command with a period. For example: .HELP will display the game help. You can use the . to enter commands as if you were using the telnet interface.


07-21-2015 23:38:59 GMT+0000
I'm alive again. I'm also re-thinking this project. Based on the apparent slow/lack of development on gtkatlantik and the discontinuation of development on monopd I may try to make this more compatible with the existing clients. Well see where we go.

07-21-2015 23:38:59 GMT+0000
OK. It's been a while. Blame it on health, alignment of the stars, neighbors dog, whatever you want. The PHP GTK team is working on PHP-GTK using GTK-2.6. I think I'll get back on this project when they release a new version. I've been trying to learn C, but it's been slow going. This isn't a forgotten project, just a postponed one.

07-21-2015 23:38:59 GMT+0000
Minor bugfix release. Fixed bug related to using PHP 5.x

07-21-2015 23:38:59 GMT+0000
0.3 is OUT!!!
After a lot of testing and a few fixes I'm finally ready to release 0.3. This has a working PHP_GTK client named gameclientgtk.php. The INSTALL included in the download tells you step by step how to compile and install PHP and PHP_GTK without the remote possibility of touching your production PHP. The interface is ugly but functional. It works fine for now.

07-21-2015 23:38:59 GMT+0000
PHP GTK client is DONE!!!! I haven't had enough time to test it as much as I need to so I haven't released it. However, it is in CVS for you early adapters. Fixed small bugs in the server programs as I found them. Look for a release very soon. Logo Support This Project