The socket game server written entirely in php.


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As of 07-21-2015,
Gamedaemon will:
  • Allow users to chat
  • Allow private messages
  • Create/join games
  • start games
  • roll dice, track positions, turns, etc.
  • purchase property, determine money, etc:
  • Auctions, houses, trades, everything.
  • It is now fully functional!
  • Client API in place
  • PHP-GTK client complete!
TODO items:
  • Find/fix any remaining bugs
  • Username/password support and user rating system
  • Begin "BOT"


Simple answer: Why not? or Because I can?

Long answer: Because the monopoly® game is buggy, slow, and the sever crashes. Because monopd has a lot of good features but seems a little slower than it should be on my machine. Because I like monopoly® and want an open source alternative to the others. Because I want to show that PHP can be used as a daemon (educational value).

I started this because I wanted to create a "BOT" for monopd. After using telnet to connect to monopd I got a bit overwhelmed by the XML I was receiving. Then, their main server at unfortunately went down and as of 1/26/05 21:00MST is still down. I hope it returns. A lot of people can't play a very fun game.

In the mean time, I want an alternative. I would like to support the monopd clients, but I'm not going to send the really long XML strings that monopd sends. When I start to build compatibility, I'll start by seeing how much information the clients actually need and what they ignore. We'll see.

After Monopoly® comes Risk®. There is a decent Java Risk out there that I play. However, the computer players are fairly easy to beat most of the time and very predictable. I'm not saying that I can do a better job than anybody else, but I'm going to do my best.

With the framework in place, it won't be difficult to add card games or other board games.


07-21-2015 23:38:59 GMT+0000
I'm alive again. I'm also re-thinking this project. Based on the apparent slow/lack of development on gtkatlantik and the discontinuation of development on monopd I may try to make this more compatible with the existing clients. Well see where we go.

07-21-2015 23:38:59 GMT+0000
OK. It's been a while. Blame it on health, alignment of the stars, neighbors dog, whatever you want. The PHP GTK team is working on PHP-GTK using GTK-2.6. I think I'll get back on this project when they release a new version. I've been trying to learn C, but it's been slow going. This isn't a forgotten project, just a postponed one.

07-21-2015 23:38:59 GMT+0000
Minor bugfix release. Fixed bug related to using PHP 5.x

07-21-2015 23:38:59 GMT+0000
0.3 is OUT!!!
After a lot of testing and a few fixes I'm finally ready to release 0.3. This has a working PHP_GTK client named gameclientgtk.php. The INSTALL included in the download tells you step by step how to compile and install PHP and PHP_GTK without the remote possibility of touching your production PHP. The interface is ugly but functional. It works fine for now.

07-21-2015 23:38:59 GMT+0000
PHP GTK client is DONE!!!! I haven't had enough time to test it as much as I need to so I haven't released it. However, it is in CVS for you early adapters. Fixed small bugs in the server programs as I found them. Look for a release very soon. Logo Support This Project